Yes we can provide yearly inspection considering you have delivered us all the papers (Maintenance Manual, Flight Manual, Logbook).

We give a 1 year warranty on any work we do, we take any warranty issues very seriously.

Transport is optional. You may do it yourself - in this case we will help booking a hotel for you, advice driving directions and greet you locally. Or you can use our full door to door delivery service. In this case you get glider to your door with no driving hassle. We are happy to pick up glider any place in Europe in the time convenient to you and deliver it back to you.

All our service are based on EXW basis and are meant to to be provided at our location. When possible we will support you getting to our location as part of the line.

No prepayment needed. We expect you paying for an invoice when the glider is ready.

Yes we provide 3000hour checks on all the gliders we are licenced for. You will need to have maintenance program from your manufacturer in place. We provide full inspection, necessary repairs located after inspection, order spares, do the work and sign it with PART145 certificate.

We are able to discover minor and major damage after the glider has been fully stripped. Customer will get from us list of neccesery items to be rectified before spraying starts. 

Paperwork pack includes: CRS report, CofG setting report, weighing report, control elements balance report, repair report, CofA if required plus CD with pictures.

Your 2 year ARC can be done by appointed CAMO organisation. We are currently certified as Polish and British CAMO so can offer ARC service to these two countries only. Although your local inspector can confirm all work we have delivered based on our PART145 certificate.

T35 – Akzo Nobel
Polyester gel coats are very porous materials. Each pore creates a relatively sharp transition with the surface, this sharp edge is subjected to increased photo-initiation. These holes are also collectors of micro-debris resulting in increased chemical reaction & degradation. Obviously keeping this to a minimum by polishing is essential.

Most gliders produced since the late eighties have been finished only in Scheufler T35. Before that date Grob, DG, and Glasflugel had used Schwabelack while the others used T35 Vorgellack and still do. Schwabelack is out of production. 

Please make sure that he will get with him:

- All glider documents (Maintenance Manual, Flight Manual, current logbook, valid insurance, last CofA, last ARC)

- All trailer documents (trailer registration papers, valid trailer insurance) - it is very important to avoid unexpected control costs

- For trailers without registration papers please make sure that they can be towed legally with Polish registered car

After refinishing a yearly wax polishing, preferably with a UV barrier wax, will help protect the gel from the damaging effects of the atmosphere and UV. Polishing will also have the effect of filling and levelling the remaining surface giving a smooth and level finish. The possibility of damage to the surface will automatically be reduced if it has a high gloss finish. The better the gloss the lower the reactivity.

You may do the delivery yourself. It will save you some money but will take you time. If necessary we are happy to support you and book a hotel for you, advice driving directions and greet you locally.

Vorgellack (T35) is an old type of gel that that we used to do final finish on gliders up to 2003. Vorgellack is the most prone to cracking caused by UV damage. T35 is less durable gets yellows faster than PU but is cheaper and easier to work with. The exposure to UV and a damp atmosphere results in a colour change. When cracking damages the surface as these cracks deepen they propagate into the structure damaging the top fibreglass layer. T35 provides a good base layer for 2-pack paint finishes. 

Normally sprayed with a base coat of T35 and a special DuPont primer coat. When spraying it is difficult to build up the thickness of the coat because it is very thin paint and results in a thinner layer.
it is said to minimise the effects of UV radiation. Difficult to work and takes about 4-5 days longer refinish process then T35. Very thin ( that is, thin like water) compound so possible "fish eyeing" problems during the spraying process. 

You can choose from:

The paints we use do not have specific RAL number.

In case of any additional questions we are happy to provide (before the work starts) full set of document confirming our EASA certification.

Please ask us for references of the customers from your location. We would advice to contact customers that dealt with us directly before. They will share independent opinion with you.

You can use:
www.glidezar.com - plain gliding hotel at our gliding site
www.silesiaowr.pl - local hotel with excellent local food
www.vienna.pl - posh hotel well situated in Bielsko-Biala, about 20 minutes from the airfield 

Lead time is 6-8 weeks depending on glider fiber surface condition.We do not keep your glider too long in the workshop. After the work is done we deliver it back to you.

Yes we can. We will pick up glider from your location and deliver it back when refinish is done. We offer full door to door service. In this case you get glider to your door with no driving hassle. We are happy to pick up glider any place in Europe in the time convenient to you and deliver it back to you within 6-8 weeks depending on glider surface condition.

Yes. We can pick up your glider from any place in Europe or meet you near Polish border in Gorlitz or Dresden. From Gorlitz there is brand new highway to Katowice. You will be charged only for the short distance delivery.

Yes it is. All our ReFinish work is fully confirmed with EASA CRS. Workshop is fully PART 145 certified so all paperwork is compliant with European requirements.

Warranty lasts full one year after Refinish.

You can connect your deliveries with other customers. This way you will approximately save about 40% costs of the trip. Also you can delivery your glider and pick up our previous customer glider. The next customer will do it for you same thing. This way you will pay for one trip only.

Please inform us before bringing the glide over. We will organise appropriate experienced agent to support you and help you run all the procedures for you.

We can issue the invoice both for private and entity owner depends on your requirements. Polish VAT rate is 23% for private owners. In case if you have your own company VAT number VAT is 0%. 


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