All Repair work complies to the very strict requirements of the EASA, the Polish Aviation Authoritiesand the British Gliding Association. Before each glider is delivered to a customer it is inspected to ensure it meets our high standards.

Please find below the glider Repair process description. Send us email if you have any questions.

We give a detailed quote and time estimate for major repairs. If necessary we have the damage assessed by the polish workshop. Before work begins costs are agreed. It can be extremely cost effective to get a glider refinished at the same time as having it repaired.

We believe that our strict attention to detail maintains the high quality of the finished product.

We backup the high quality of the company service by providing each customer with a one year warranty.

Short leadtime
Thanks to our large capacity and extensive engineering support we provide you with the ready to fly glider in the previously agreed time.

Work record
A full photographic record is made of all the damage and the various stages of repair. Once the repair is completed the glider is re-weighed and test flown by a certified polish test pilot. We inspect the glider before releasing it to the customer, we can also arrange for the customer to inspect the glider in Poland before taking delivery.

Repair Certification
All repair work is certified by EASA approved Part 145 certification. CofA can be issued on demand. 

Test Flight
All repaired gliders, especially after a major repair, are test flown by one of our experienced licensed test pilots.